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TICK, TICK, TICK...BOOM!!! Did you FEEL that THUD today??? What was that you ask...well that was the shockwave after SKID ROW"s brand new release, "The Gang's All Here", dropped!  This album is a MONSTER, it is what Skid Row fans, and Hard Rock Fans for that matter, have been screaming for for ages. This album takes you straight back to late 80's early 90's Skid and fulfills every aspect of your Rock N Roll appetite. From the first notes of "Hell Or High Water" through "The Gang's All Here", "Time Bomb", "Nowhere Fast" and "World On Fire" this is a showcase of pure Rock! This album hits on all 12 cyliders, yes, not 8, 12! Strap yourself in and get ready to hit speeds and corner like you are in a Ferrari 812. This album is a V12 Muscle machine screaming through the pack and taking everyone for a ride! The addition of Erik Gronwall on vocals had me scratching my head at first, but from the moment i heard the first single I knew the boys, Rachel Bolan, Dave "Snake" Sabo, Scotti Hill and Rob Hammersmith made the absolute right decision. This band has new energy, new life and a new attitude, they are back where they belong, OWNING the Rock scene! So, grab this album and get on board, you will not be disappointed. Finally, If you are still screaming for SKID ROW to reunite with BACH, GO SIT IN THE BACK AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!
Managing Editor

Meeting The Family

How many of you go to shows alone? Or, how many no longer go to shows because nobody will go with you? If this is you, I have a suggestion. In every market,there’s a local scene. That scene is usually made up of artists, venues,promoters and fans!! The first 3 are usually lumped together in a tight knit group. It’s not always easy to be a part of that inner circle, but check this out, The Fans in your scene are the ones you need to focus on! Why you ask? Because the fan base is the heart of the music family! No joke! The Fam are the ones constantly organizing get togethers around the shows,and also take a personal interest in the individuals that make up the scene. ALL of them! Before you decide to stop going to shows, find your family!! And for those that don’t know how to start the conversation, here’s a thought to remember. The first move has already been made! The music is the common denominator for the conversations and relationships. All you have to do is say HI!! So the next time you head out, and you see a crowd that seems to be totally enjoying themselves,and loving on each other, go make your passion be known,and introduce yourself. I can promise that your new music family will change the way you look at concerts,and life! #gamechanger
Will Mass
Contributing Writer


I’ve played bass in the Sebastian Bach band for the past 17+ years and yes, we walk onstage to an intro audio almost every night. However that short 1 minute (or less) audio is where the intro ends and the live music begins. We have never, ever used backing “tracks” while we play, and never will. Actually I’ve never used tracks in ANY of my bands (UFO, Spread Eagle, Bach, etc,…). What we do showcases our honest playing abilities, along with any added performing that we can pull off. After reading the war of tweets between Baz and Ronnie Radeke (who couldn’t perform due to laptops being stolen), I feel that both sides are arguing about different things. Sebastian is a real deal, Live Rock musician, who’s refined his craft over thousands of gigs. He’s one of the best at what he does. Passionate, protective and proud because what we do (100% LIVE music) is getting rarer by the year. And it’s HARD to stay musically sharp with all the negative influences of traveling, bad mixes, bad backline, health, weather, little sleep, alcohol, aging,… I also respect that Ronnie Radeke has been honest about trying to do something completely different than what we do. Ronnie quickly and publicly admitted that his band plays alongside pre-recorded tracks. His fans now know that and if they choose to buy tickets, they know what they’re getting. My “issue” is when bands don’t admit that they’re playing to prerecorded tracks, or admit to the degree they’re using them. In that setting I feel they’re ripping off fans by selling them something that’s simply not real. Perhaps fans should ask specific questions about how much real vs. recorded they’re paying for? I applaud Nikki Sixx for adding his pro “technology” stance to Eddie Trunk’s conversation about it. Maybe we should also hear from Motley Crue’s F.O.H. soundman on which backing tracks they use and how many? The fans would love to know! Although I’ve never listened to Ronnie Radeke’s Falling In Reverse, I’d be more interested if they could get up on a stage without laptops absolutely crush it, but that’s just me… Peace and rock on people!
Rob Deluca
Guest Writer